The Personalised Teaching Educational Centre​​


 The Personalised Teaching Educational Centre (TPTEC) is a small independent provision in Chiswick, West London. TPTEC provides assessment, advice and a personalised teaching strategy to maximise the potential of your child. We offer provision responsive to local needs and aspirations by directly involving pupils along with their parents/carers, and when requested by a family we work in collaboration with other professionals.

Our services: 
Daily provision for young pupils who have learning difficulties or disabilities 
 Intervention to achieve attainment targets provided by the national curriculum for primary (including nursery and reception) and secondary school pupils 
 A number of different tuition courses for KS1, KS2, KS3 pupils, including preparation for the eleven plus exam
 For professionals: SEND Policy, SEND training, and personalised teaching intervention strategies


TPTEC cultivates remarkably high teaching standards for children with all abilities whether gifted and talented or looking for a confidence boost or those with special educational needs and disability!

Our definition 
 The Personalised Teaching -
 highly structured and personalised approach, with the respect for a child / young person individual needs and preferable way of learning. Personalised teaching provides didactic / teaching method based on observation of attention and listening skills and Socratic method of teaching (through asking questions and stimulating critical thinking). The Personalised Teaching provides a consistent approach for visual, auditory and tactile learners.
The Personalised Teaching promotes child-centred education and inclusion.   
The personalised teaching highlights a didactic role of a teacher.
We provide personalised teaching strategies for every student following, individual goals and preferences and adjusting the outcome to the national guidance of assessment for learning. 


 The Personalised Teaching  Educational Centre 
 "Special Educational Provision is educational or training provision that is additional to or different from that made generally for others of the same age. This means a provision that goes beyond the differentiated approaches and learning arrangements." SEN Code of Practice, 2014

TPTEC offers a curriculum that is balanced and able to focus all students on achievements. 
Curriculum for the personalised teaching daily provision: 

1. Communication, Language, Literacy, English 
2. Problem-solving, Reasoning, Numeracy, Maths
3. Music, Art / Design  
4. Physical Activities, which could include play therapy, corrective and compensatory exercises, physiotherapy, and/or sensory integration activities
5. Optional subject: knowledge and understanding of the world

We provide a range of personal educational choices and social opportunities to integrate with the local community. 

Our aim is to support local opportunities for work experience for pupils 16 +

At The Personalised Teaching Educational Centre, we provide a personalised teaching approach and a friendly and nurturing environment. TPTEC promotes help for bilingual pupils. 

Our aim is to develop in students a sense of newfound self-discipline and enjoyment of learning in different learning styles, an acceptance of responsibility for their own actions and to create an environment of mutual respect so that effective learning can take place. 

TPTEC will endeavor to provide every pupil with a sense of security, belonging and purpose. We aim to help our students to achieve their goals and realize their true potential through a diverse combination of mainstream and non-mainstream education. 

Legislative Compliance

The Special Educational Needs policy   complies with the guidance in Statutory Instrument: Special Educational Needs (Information) Regulations (Close 64). It has been written as guidance for staff, parents or carers and children with reference to the following guidance:

 - SEN Code of Practice 2014 ( which takes account of the SEN provisions of the SEN and Disability Act 2001)
 - Ofsted Section 5 Inspection Framework, January 2014
 - Ofsted SEN Review, 2010
 - Equality Act, 2010
 - Educational Bill, 2011
 - Children and Families Act, 2014
 - Early Years Foundation Stage, 2014
 - Every Child Matters


If you require set of TPTEC policies please ask for assistance.

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Latest News​​
  1.            Painting activities
    Painting activities
    Date: Sunday 16th July 2017 Time: 2pm-4pm Where: Acton Green Common
    Art - Jackson Pollock's painting experience of painting on canvas - £ 5.00 For younger children, under 6 years old painting activities supporting fine motor skills development - free For children from 7-11 years, flat feet foot print check up - free
 The Personalised Teaching Intervention Programme


TPTEC offers high-quality support for families, who require expert intervention programme for children 5 -11 years old, and young people 11- 18 years old.

While planning personalised intervention we discuss:

Who are we going to teach?
 What are we going to teach?
How are we going to teach?
   When are we going to teach? 
    Where are we going to teach? 
Why are we using certain strategies for teaching and assessment? 
Eventually, we will discuss the length for the recommended tuition.

Examples of intervention: 
 English and Maths for KS1, KS2 - up to level 6
Intervention for pupils with speech, language and communication difficulties focused on receptive and expressive language
Intervention for pupils with attention deficit disorder
Literacy /  English Intervention for bilingual pupils, focus on grammar and vocabulary based on the colourful semantic approach
Reading intervention following analytic phonics approach or
Reading intervention following analytic and/or synthetic phonics approach for bilingual pupils
Phonics for beginners ( Jolly Phonics) 
English as Additional Language
SPELL / TEACCH Intervention for pupils with ASD
Attention / Speaking and Listening Intervention
Box Clever, English Language Intervention for the  nursery school children with EAL